Interview with Rolf | #1 in Gil Paz Team


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

I am from Germany but live in Ireland and Spain

How, when and why did you start day trading?

I started with currencies about 6 months ago after 3 months of preparation.
I started day trading of shares with this competition

How did you learn about WSDT?

Through Gil Paz who helped me learn the trade

Why did you decide to join the competition?

Because Gil said I should…. And I wanted to try it

What was going through your mind when you learned that you had become the winner of WSDT?

I was surprised for many reasons:
I am new to the platform
I am new to day trading
I knew I am one of 6000 mostly very experienced traders

Did you really expect to become the winner? Was it your ultimate purpose?

No, I just gave it a try and also wanted to learn from it

Your team

How and why did you pick (team name)?

The team name is Pipsologie and it is the team of Gil Paz who is sort of a mentor to me.

How has your mentor been helping you and your teammates during the competition?

Just through the trading room

Did you feel the tension in your team as you’ve been competing with each other or you did support each other instead?

No not at all, I did not know any of them


Become a Team Leader in WSDT II



What were your trading style and strategy for this competition?

I started conservatively because I had no access to the trading room and was unsure about the platform. So I traded companies I know well (SAP CAN BABA).
After I got access to the trading room I took advantage of suggestions made there.
I traded not more than 3 stocks at any time so I could watch them. I traded large positions without stop loss (mainly because I did not know how the system supports this) and closed them manually as needed.

Which stocks did you trade?

BABA , SAP, ACN, ROKU, SQ, BB also 2 IPO stocks, I forgot the names


Will you take part in the competition next time?


What should you focus on more to become the winner of the next-year competition?

I need to understand the software 100%

What would you recommend to the WSDT team to make the competition better?

It would help if the results would be available after a trading day

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