Interview with Gurtej | #1 in Jerremy Newsome Team

“A vision to move on from day job and the chat room alerts from Tradenet helped me to win the competition.”

Country: Canada
Team: Gurtej | Jerremy Newsome Team
Profit: $11,174

About Gurtej

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from?

Toronto, Canada.

When did you start day trading?


How did you learn about WSDT?


Why did you decide to join the competition?

I really needed an opportunity to put theory into practice. I was confident as I have been trading for quite some time.

What was going through your mind when you learned that you were among winners from one of the TOP 3 teams?

I felt accomplished and confident for a great trading career. I also felt mixed emotions of accomplishment and fear to fail the opportunity that I am just provided with.

Did you really expect to become the winner? Was it your ultimate purpose?

I did expect to be in the TOP 3. I was confident as I have been trading for quite some time.



How and why did you pick your team?

I watched a few videos from some of the team leaders and I felt I liked Jeremy.

How has your mentor been helping you and your teammates during the competition?

Sending me recap videos of the previous day.

Did you feel the tension in your team as you’ve been competing with each other or you did support each other instead?

We did compete with each other hard as our overall team standing throughout the competition wasn’t in the top 3.

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What were your trading style and strategy for this competition?

Moving averages and the failure test.

Which day trading strategies did you use?

I developed my own.

Which stocks did you trade? Which ones were your best and worst trade?

I traded a variety of trades with good volume and some alerting trades from the room. OSKT was my best trade. I held it for 6 hours and made 2 points profits while the worst was trading TVIX as the market dropped but the good news is that I kept adding to my position.


Emotional well-being & future participation

Moving on to your winning odds. How did you manage to win this competition? What helped you?

Taking a bigger share size from the first day. At some point, I thought I might blow my account when I traded TVIX. A vision to move on from day job and the chat room alerts from Tradenet helped me to win the competition.

How did you manage your confidence as well as your psychological tension?

Well, the pressure was huge the first 2 days when I didn’t see my name in the TOP 50. It got greater when I made it to TOP 50 but not the TOP 3. I took more share size and traded in and out all day to get in the TOP 3.

Was this competition more difficult and stressful for you than real trades? Why?

Yes, it was as I could see the leaderboard and it showed me where I stood.

Will you take part in the competition next time?

Yes absolutely. It was fun and rewards are great.

What would you recommend to the WSDT team to make the competition better?

Set up maximum share size. Example: on any stock, you cannot buy more than 4000 shares even if the stock is worth 5 dollars. It will make the competition more realistic.

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