INTERVIEW WITH ANDY | #7 in Overall Ranking

Country: Dominican Republic
Team: Stelios | Stocklock
Profit: $19,725

“My strategy was based on relevant areas in the market Support and resistance, round numbers, pivot, the zone where the price through level 2 reflects that there is capital injection”


About Andy

Tell a bit about yourself, Where are you from?

I’m from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


How, when and why did you start day trading?

I started 2 years ago to study the market through courses on YouTube and online trading academies. I did it because by becoming profitable in trading you get the freedom of time.


How did you learn about WSDT?

I found out through Instagram, in the tradenet account.


Why did you decide to join the competition?

Because I didn’t have the financial resources to fund a large account by myself but I have the ability to achieve profitability in trading.


What was going through your mind when you learned that you had become the winner of WSDT?

I got so excited because it was my goal from day one.


Did you really expect to become the winner? Was it your ultimate purpose?

Yes, I was expecting to win because I have the ability and the capacity to win and I try to learn more about the market each day.



How and why did you pick your team?

I chose the team because I’ve seen very good references for stock_lock since it had to be added to a team, it inspired my confidence because they share their knowledge through groups for free, allowing others to learn from it.


How has your mentor been helping you and your teammates during the competition?

He helped me a lot because he provided encouragement to continue in it because the competition is not that simple.


Did you feel the tension in your team as you’ve been competing with each other or you did support each other instead?

There was no tension because my mentor gave support to all of us without restrictions.



What were your trading style and strategy for this competition?

The strategy I used was to combine the relevant areas where the price can’t exceed it in conjunction with the capital injection that I observed in level 2, plus the fundamental analysis that indicated weakness in the price.

My strategy was based on relevant areas in the market Support and resistance, round numbers, pivot, the zone where the price through level 2 reflects that there is capital injection.


How many days did you trade?

Around 4 days, but every day I was waiting for good opportunities, the truth is the market was passed in low range, which leads to little volatility.


What were your favorite hours of trading? 

My favorite time is when the market is opening because it’s the time that gets the most liquidity in the market, based on good analysis.


Which stocks did you trade?

* ROKU, * AAPL among others that I don’t remember.


Were you trading your real account while trading a demo account in the competition? If yes, was it distracting you?

Yes, I was attentive to the possibilities in both of them.

I was totally focused on the competition because I needed to fund an account with a large capital, to be able to dedicate myself completely to the market and stop working on other things that are not so profitable as trading.


Emotional well-being and future participation

Moving on to your winning odds. How did you manage to win this competition? What helped you?

Without a doubt, Capital Management and patience in waiting for the right opportunity. The perseverance helped me because on firsts days of competition I was far from the first places but I only knew that I had to continue since the good operations were going to arrive. I just had to wait for the market to make the correct structures.


How did you manage your confidence as well as your psychological tension?

With a good concentration, I knew that in order to win, I had to remain 100% disciplined because if I did not meet my criteria I would not have the opportunity to have a large account and fulfill my goal of being a Day Trader. And I know that if I didn't win I was going to have to work hard in my country for many months to fund an account.


Will you take part in the competition next time?

Of course, for the next competition, I will win the big bill.


Who would you recommend WSDT to? Why?

To all the people I know because in Latin American countries it is difficult to be able to raise the necessary funds to open an account.


Wrapping up, I’d like to ask you about your final thoughts on the WSDT competition. What would you recommend to the WSDT team to make the competition better?

The waiting for the results should be less, because the last day was a long waiting, counting minute by minute for the final results, and the whole morning I was excited to know the news since I knew I would be in one of the first places.

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